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Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Another riot f. whip




[Kingpin Skinny Pimp]

Let's start another riot cuz you can't hide

Throw your hoods in the sky if you wanna be down with mine

Pimp gangstas from the south gold grill in my mouth

Tatted out hustler Skinny Pimp talking about

Fake tricks in the game acting lame laying 'em down

To the ground insane when we clown I ain't changed

Still buck too buck North Memphis area

Where I'm from you heard of us haters getting scarier

My cousin Quan in the penitentiary and my Uncle Joe

And I'm in for the ballers and mobsters on the dance floe

You wonder how I'm blowing up I take care of my biz

And I be tearing up the club to make my bank account thick

We starting a riot be aware of the game to hang around pimps that bang we

watching your set

Now don't throw it up and if you ain't with it quick it or you gon get wet

Now make your money and don't sneak and try to diss me

We finna start another riot live in your city, fool..

[Chorus - 4X]

Let's start another riot in this junt

If you crunk I know you with it I know you with it

Aggravated mind stated but under gunning

Dropping serious (edit) to have they call me the Tin Turner

Pass the blunt of the gan weed I need to hit it

Whip and Skinny Pimp collabos dropping this real (edit)

From Detroit to Memphis and Dre click up

This track so I can Skinny Pimp this and represent this

Midwest state is getting creative check the mitten

No bull(edit) causing a riot when I be spitting

Keep them amped up dropping bomb rhymes load and blow cans up

Keep your hands up I'm ripping this mic you know the man's up

Riot like it's 2000 G

I'm grabbing the mic splitting the crowd like Moses split the Red Sea

Vigilante know who the man be

Microphone assassin blasting emcees I'm dea......


[Chorus - 4X]

[Kingpin Skinny Pimp]

I'm coming up in this game see I was a long way from home

I'm packing my nuts tryna make it knowing though I have to fire that chrome

I'm drinking that Mo and mixed with Zay hanging in Houston kicking with fakes

Dirty South hold me straight and we never act fake

Jumping on that thug and I showing no mercy I'm breaking laws like Three 6

Gimisum Army got my back with the infrared on them gats

Beware black KKK don't stumble or fall

We cracking jaws when we rumble throwing your head thru the wall

Guests walking backwards in the crowd screaming "Yall ain't no killas!"

Thugging and swinging at your mug like on Jerry Springer

All races yall invited stomp stomp on the floe

Even white people hype like a Van Helen show

Multi-platinum producer L.A.J. got 'em crunk

Ruthless beats be for the streets and knock a hole in your trunk

I'm coming up wilder than ever before look at the Billboard Stars we running my money

Got love in the game got stronger the whole crowd buck jumping, til the New Beginning..

[Chorus til fade]




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