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Lil' Head - It's too late f. paul wall




Say look out J, I'm feeling this here man

That's some funky shit man, that nigga T-Mix

Got the track making a nigga wanna tell the truth man

A lot of down to earth game

I've seen a lot of dumb ass niggaz and bitches, feel me

It's just real mayn, the shoe fits wear it dog

That's bottom line, feel me on this here

[Lil Head]

Listen mayn, I'm trying to get game and maintain

Understand, it's simple and plain to what I'm saying

I see, a lot of niggaz take the game light

Tell your homies bout your hustle, and think that the game's tight

Grown dummy, never tell a person bout your money

Even if you cap about hundreds, and only got twenties

I knew niggaz that got caught up, for discussing the shit

Standing round the wrong niggaz, saying they fucking with bricks

Yeah that bragging get you fucked, yeah that capping get you touched

Them same niggaz you call your guerillas, will put your casket in the dust

How would you handle that shit brah, if they was blasting up at ya

Would you pull your cannon out, and started blasting back at brother

Game serious, but my real niggaz they gon be feeling this

Mary Jane ease my brain, while I spit this shit

Penitentiary chances, hard times is what you facing

Youngster coming up in the game, with no patience

Why do, niggaz tell these hoes where they cash at

Knowing when they get pissed, they ain't getting no cash back

Perhaps that, some of you niggaz will wisen up

'Fore the FED's send a bitch at your crib, and squad up

[Hook - 2x]

It's too late, you need to open your eyes

Before the end, of you losing your life

Before it's too late, it's too late

[Lil Head]

Let's say for instance, you going through something your mind tripping

Your decision, to jump in your car, and start tipping

While you flipping, you feeling Miss Thang going away

Ass banging, loving the way them hips sway

Now you thinking, what the hell you gonna do next

You stressing feeling good, you could use you some sex

You'll prolly do, what the next man do let's keep it true

Pull up on the side of lil' mama, ask what it do

You'll spit some game, that's flame to lil' Miss Thang

Serving fire pimping, ejecting into her brain

Have her hopping in, without knowing her name

Five minutes later, she sucking up on you mayn

Ooh mama, ooh mami

I'm knowing the bitch you picked up, got that HIV

Mash the gas, the ass is on your mind

Smash to the room, cause you wanting it from behind but slow down

[Hook - 2x]

[Paul Wall]

I've seen a lot of playas in the game, come and leave

But time is the one thang, you can't retrieve

A lot of missed opportunities, and wasted chances

Or all the write questions, but all the wrong answers

People tend to take for granted, most of they blessings

They keep learning over and over, the same lessons

Boys be hanging out on the block, hitting licks

Then go waste all they money, on a new pair of kicks

All they profits is spent, on some food and new clothes

So they taking prison chances, for a new wardrobe

It don't make sense, and it sho don't make dollas

The ones riding the bench, always claim to be ballers

Where the real playas at, or am I the last one left

I take my last breath and welcome my death, it's going down

You don't realize a good thang, until it's gone

Before you know it, the good Lord done called you home it's too late




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