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Lil Romeo - If i try



I can do whatever I try

I can't life pass me by

It's okay to say no

If you wanna make it then ya gotta say go

Can't let life pass me by

You can make it if you try

Hold your head up high

You might touch the sky

Can't let life pass me by

You can make it if you try

Hold your head up high

You might touch the sky

Look in the sky you know where it came from?

Plenty of stars and the moon we only got one

Me and you is all we have shawty

We all human so we people shawty

God made adam then He made eve

Plenty of apples fell from the tree

Can't forget about the birds and the bees

God's the one that built the seas

From our parents came you and me

Now you can be what you wanna be

It's time to make the right move

You can be smart in school

All you gotta do is study shawty

Troublemakers ain't your buddies shawty

Stay focused say no to drugs

Respect your elders show them love

I could be a doctor I could be a lawyer

I could be the next Michael Jordan or Vince Carter

I could be a teacher cuz I love to read

I could be a fireman or a police

I wanna be a scientist and save the world

Or I can be a veterinarian and study squirrels

I could be the president just need your vote

Too many kids dying we just need your support

I could be like Master P and own my own business

And operator or a technician

I like airplanes I could be a pilot

I wanna be a dentist I would go to college

Or I could be on TV like a superstar

Or I could be a mechanic and fix cars

I could be an astronaut and fly to the moon

I always gonna be me, you gonna be you

[Chorus 3x]




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