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Lil Romeo - The one



Can I be the one?

Let me show you how sure it is good!

I just don't know why?

I just met this dude

Can I be the one?

It's the R-O-M-E-O you know,

And I roll with plenty doe fo sho.

Sloe po in the Bentley yo lets go,

No the tank aint empty, we ova flow.

Get your back in to it keep it movin'

New No Limit is the movement

We taking over all the industries,

Shawty you're right you should have been with me.

With Silk and P, we winning deez,

See you smile, with energy,

I can see that you really into me.

While that other cat is just an amateur…you're dealin' with a pro,

You need a manager I'll teach you how to roll

Got my first million when I was just 12 years old,

Shawty… I don' mean to brag and boast,

But I like your style you just got chose

Why are you dealing with chicken dinnas

When you need a winna,

Shoping srees,Bently and SKinna.

Boo's back is phat and waist is thinna,

Kinda make a sanctified turn to shinna.

Drop that zero turn to this hero

“You talking to me?” like Bobby De Niro

Mommy no need for conversation

All I need is for your man to stop hating

Stay patient we gon run it

The front of the club, in my six hundred

Or “hum-v” you can have it rough if you want

Running up my credit, running up my cash

Running up on my mind, running up my gas

Running up my time, running up fast

To getta autograph… I like how your body work,

Mama rung the bell…

Aint nuttin wrong with a lil' dancin'

You be my Juliet, we romancin'

Ya mommy, you doing damage I feel you,

Rome-o has be desrine to be realer

We'll be, you'll see

If you leave me me hit me up

I need a girl that's feeling me

And ain't afraid to hit em up like Laila Ali

That's who grown do this

To hop on fire and ice he wrist

I want you to be my lil' Hershey kiss!




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