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Lil Scrappy - What the fuck



[Lil Scrappy]

It's so groovy nigga, ay Lil Jon, hand me the beat nigga

show these niggaz, what it really is, BME click, it's goin down tonight

this for everybody in the club you kno the street

that wanna kno what the fuck goin on in dis bitch

What the fuck is goin on (*2X*)

That nigga eyein me (*2X*)

Fuck nigga eyein me

He keep on eyein me

What the fuck is goin on (*2X*)

That nigga tryin me (*2X*)

Fuck nigga tryin me

He keep on tryin me

[Verse 1]

Fuck the bullshit, beat that ass to the flo'

He twistin' and he shakin' like a got damn ho

don't run or bat me, always tryin' to attack me

destroy your brain cells, from the heads I be clappin'

I'll buck all day, I'll buck all night

damn right I beat ya ass, in the got damn fight

don't stand so close, getcha damn nose broke

tryna gimme dap when you see me, bitch you ain't my folk

you be tryin me, I'm a thug ass G

come and switch ya sidewayz, I'ma ???

thug straight trappin, 'til I get rich off this rappin

I ain't got no friends, gotta watch who's heads I be snappin?

flippin' and flappin' at the mouth, yeah its off the chain

spit pimpin on a real bitch, just to get brain

what the fuck is you tryin me for

I ain't no bitch, I ain't no lame ho

[verse 2]

what the fuck is goin on

I beat the fuck out ya ass, and run ya bitch ass home

I'ma young thug nigga, I ain't no fuckin joke

if I ain't no lame nigga, what the fuck you eyein' for

talkin all that shit, bitch take it outside

pop ya bout 3 times, now ya turn clockwise

I ain't playin, I done been tried

damn near took a life, used to call me chuckie

cuz I stabbed a man wit a knife, my life

tatted on my neck, so you best respect

we thug stylin BME, leavin hoes pussy wet

all our ?? niggaz ball, I don't thank no bitch

I gotta hoe in the car, that'll get up in this shit

I'm gone and pissed off, my brains and nerve lost

I carry my own coffee, you spill you get tossed

and last but not least, bitch quit tryin me

you ain't got no business mothafuckin eyein me

- 2X

[Verse 3]

Hataz dress to impress, but they missed a spot

it takes chest to distress the longevity pot

but I gotta 380 ready, keep ya eyes up off me

keep ya eyes off my dick, and get ya own damn money

you bony mothafucka getcha head split right open

I do it in the street, and leave ya neighborhood spoken

and they hopin that the mothafuckin war is over

these lyrics so diverse that a click-clack and break ya shoulder

I done rolled up on the southside of the 'A'

if you keep lookin, I'ma bust ya ass in the face

I ain't gon bless, I'ma just make an example

all that unloyal shit, gon getcha fuck ass ???

when I cock back, my piece is gonna sound like BAM

hit ya ass so hard, the fuckin crowd say damn

"You just got knocked the fuck out"

that's the way we do niggaz that be eyein in the south




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