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Los Lobos - Beautiful maria of my soul



In the sunlight of your smile

In the summer of our life

In the magic of love

Storms above scattered away

Lovers dreaming in the night

Reaching for Paradise

But as the dark shadows fade

Love slips away

On an empty stretch of beach

In the pattern of the waves

Drawing pictures with my hand

In the sand, I see your face

Skipping pebbles on the sea

Wishing for Paradise

Sand castles crumble below

The restless tides ebb and flow

Listening to a shell

Hoping for your voice

Beautiful Maria of my soul

Though we'll always be apart

Locked forever in a dream

If I ever love again

Even then, nothing will change

And the taste of you remains

Clinging to Paradise

But as the distance from you grows

All that my heart ever knows

Hunger for your kiss

Longing for your touch

Beautiful Maria of my soul

Filling all my nights

Haunting all my days

Beautiful Maria of my soul.




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