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Love Inc. - You're a superstar



(So) Reach for the sky and hold your head up high

For tonight and everynight, you're a superstar

And don't you be afraid

Think of all the friends you've made

Like any other night you've got your name in lights

You're a superstar

In a world that gives everything

Don't you know that it don't mean a thing at all, at all for a superstar

You gotta find a raindow

Tell the world what everyone else knows

Don't let them tell you again about life

Cause you know You're a superstar

[Repeat *]

Everything you are today, Is what you want to be

So don't be someone else when you be the best so easily

If you try, and believe, my baby you'll succeed

And your eyes will make you see

You're a superstar

[Repeat *]




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