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Ludacris - Large amounts



[Chorus 4X]

In this life one thing counts

In the bank, large amounts

[Luda speaks in the background]

[Verse One]

Now everybody wants a piece of my pie

And it don't help when I'm screaming on these records that I'm rich

Calling people from my number now I Bligh

Cuz there's nothing worse then getting horned by a stockin' ass bi*** (oh yeah)

Cuz good game are talkin' and yet you're so true some women will have you feeling blue like cris

I lay my feet upon the path and now I'm walkin'

I spread my well (?) someone close will have me layin' in a ditch

I have my friends steal from me

Snatch my credit card and my wallet hit the town and leave (?) bills for me

They say I got the cash for it and I can't recall one single member of my family that never

asked for it

They've been kicking down doors and bustin' out flows

They can't get me on the phone so they surprise me at my show

And everybody needs a loan plus they say they won't blow it

All I hear 'common cuss you know I'm good for it' (man)

[Chorus 4X]

[Verse Two]

Now don't get me wrong cuz being rich is such a beautiful thing

But more money, more problems people drive me insane

Now giving no handouts no more so take advantage and flee

My goal's to set my friends up to make some paper like me

Put them in position and make their wishes come...true

So they can have multiple accounts gain interest over night

Given a million dollars, what you

Wrap your life for your kids-kids or would you spend it over night?

Now see me I do both I got a limited fun

My daughters life was set before (?) turned one

And it don't help that I got 4 or 5 retirement funds

So if I (?) before I'm 30 I can lay in the sun

My (?) can show and prove the real meaning of fun

That's why I live by the sword but you can die by my gun

The IRS `ll never sweat me or even put up a fight

Cuz I'm sure I pay more in taxes then you made in your life


[Chorus 4X]

[Verse Three]

Now women these days don't want a man without a nice pay check

So he splurge even though our lives ain't in right place yet

Buying jewellery and some cars just to impress these w****s

Meanwhile you (?) poor 'daddy why you left me for?'

Yeah but it all comes back that's why I named my daughter Karma (yup)

Who teaching me the lesson of life and making me smarter

I sweep her off her feet cuz I'm her knight in shining armour

And I have your f***ing head if anybody tries to harm her

Got to teach her about the game that most of us niggaz are spitin?

About these scandalous ass women that get money thru gifts

They suck a cold hard wood for some cold hard cash

Or ride a brother good to put a foot up on the gas

So that brand new ride pick up our friends

While you're slippin` she slides

Drop top Benz gold diggers inside

Crazy what the world will do for money

Thinking that everything will be alright


[Chorus repeat till end]




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