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Ludacris - Saturday oooh! oooh!



I gotta big weed stash, pocket full of cash

Just seen a big ol' ass, it's Saturday

Sticky, icky, icky, icky

Sticky, icky, icky, icky

System on blast, cops just pass

Just seen a big ol' ass, it's Saturday

Sticky, icky, icky, icky

Sticky, icky, icky, icky

[Verse 1: Ludacris]

Grease don't pop on the stove no more, moved on up

double shot Hennesey fill my cup

Luda choke smoke in a big black truck

Should I wild out, WHAT THE F***?!

Act like my rims ain't clean

How you gonna ack like my neck don't bling?

Haters get sprayed like aftro-sheen

but they don't never really wanna pop them thangs

Cane, cane sugar man Luda don't go

and I stop at a light, pull off so slow

but I'm out for the night, so pass that dro

So, daddy come home in a Cadillac brome, cadillac brome

Now don't it sound absurd

Claim College Park where they flip them birds

Trick car alarms, then bend them curves

Chop chop, chunk it up fat man herb

[Verse 2: Ludacris]

It's illegal bout the plants in my backyard grow, that's my bud

Smoke 'til ya drop out, that's my luck

Keep a couple rolled and I hit the club in the back door, NIGGA WHAT?!

Act like I don't make cloud, how you gonna act like I don't get loud?

How you gonna act like I don't rock crowds?

and leave a lot of people with a gap tooth smile

If I recollect right then you sound like dirt

but, I guess what you really don't know don't hurt

with a vest, and a pump hear the shot gun

My folks on the block, man, they got that word (they got that word)

Don't it smell so good, in Southwest where they rep that hood

Protect your chest, they up to no good

and come through flossin, they wish y'all would

[Verse 3: Ludacris]

Worldwide hustlers get that dough

work that tip, get rid of evidence, move that brick

Keep a D eagle with an extra clip

think it ain't so, SUCK A DICK!

Act like I just do rap

How you gonna act like I just ain't strapped?

How you gonna act like I don't push lacs?

Black Eldorado, fifth wheel on BACK!

Ichy finger trigger, man, Luda don't squeeze

With a mac, with a glock I'ma make 'em say please

In the back, on block so the cops they freeze

And I'm so high, I think I got a nose bleed, you gotta nose bleed?

Don't it smell so sweet?

In DECATUR, where they pack that heat

And ROB neighbors in the night creep, creep

I'll see you LATER we'll be in them streets...

[Chorus: repeat 2x]




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