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Matthew West - Happy



3 o'clock tripping dow the sidewalk

Looking like afool with a pocket full of questions

I was living in a worry

Moving in a hurry

In the wrong direction

But then, suddenly it hit me

Doesn't really matter 'cause I got You with me

I think I don' t have to be so down, down, down, down, down


I should be happy

I should be happy

I should be living up these days

Just like I know who runs this place

Now that you found me

I should be happy

3:30, got a little dirty

Fear stuck its foot out and I tripped on the same lie

That voice screaming into my head

Pushing me to play dead

Saying, 'don't you even try'

But how can I claim to be free

When I carry more chains than the world when they see me?

I don't wanna be the fool who stays down, down, down, down, down



Now I'm not talking 'bout a smile so fake

While the world takes pictures 24/7

I just want my failth to be a little more real

What you see is what you get

What you see is how I feel





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