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Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - It's raining on prom night



I was deprived of a young girl's dream

By the cruel force of nature from the blue

Instead of a night full of romance supreme

All I got was a running nose and Aegeatic flu

It's raining on prom night, my hair is a mess

It's running all over my taffeta dress

It's wilting the quilting in my maiden form

And mascara flows right down my nose because of the storm

I don't even have a corsage, oh gee

It fell down a sewer with my sister's ID


Yes, it's raining on prom night.

Oh my darling, what can I do?

I miss you.

It's raining real rain from the skies

and it's draining real menstrual blood from my thighs,

over you, oh over you.

Oh dear god, make him feel the same way I do right now.

He'll never want to see me again...

What can I do? It's raining, raining from the skies

It's raining tears from my eyes over you

Oooooow, raining from the skies over you




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