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Midtown - No place feels like home



regrets are worthless

they misconstrue the past in sight and sound

and as lines recede

no one speaks a word of his lust

a word of dreams that've been left to rust

the tv's on and everyone stays calm.

as time has passed

no one understands and to say the least

the years have been unfair

i wanted to tell you

i miss it

i just wanted to let you know

the last year has helped me grow

i want to take you on the road

where we'll go

i'll never know

will you come along

it's easier when no place feels like home

i said i want out

i want to take you out of this

and go to California

'cause I want to take you on a ride

i'll set things right

i know the direction in which to go

i'll set things right and say goodnight.




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