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Missy Elliot - Lickshots



Uh, aiyyo Timbaland

See what they don't understand is

We about to flip

Our whole style on 'em for



And for those of you who hated


You only made us more creative


(Misdemeanor uh)

You don't wanna speak my name

Mess around get that as* blown away


Fool go on away

I ain't never like your tail anyway

Missy got somethin' to say

I ride down the block in an Escalade

Bling bling all in your face

I think you might need

To put on your shades


I know you feel me doe

You hatin' on me,

But you hear me doe

Twenty inch rims

Sittin' crazy low


I'ma crazy ho

I'ma keep the party live

Me and Timbaland

Gonna flip it tonight

Keep your hands in the sky

Wave 'em round

Like your crazy high



Time to lick shots

Time to see you dance

Hey you, why you frontin'


Time to lick shots

Time to see you dance

Hey you, why you frontin'


You don't know who I be

You mammy tell you not

To f*** wit me

If I give you head,

You'll never leave


Stop sweatin' me

Flip it on the blackhand side

Looka here boy

Don't you even try it

Make me dislocate your spine

My rings fix your shine like turpentine

What you comin' 'round here now fo'?

Baby hell no, you just want my dough

Get cha black as* on the flo'

Fool touch me, that's a no no


Mr. DJ won't you play that song?

Tell the freaks shake

They nasty thongs

Hey boys won't you sing along

Cause we gon' rock the party

Till the early morn

Repeat chorus

Y'all don't hear me


You got your guns but

You don't scare me


Originality is leary


My only style and I ain't sharin'

(Back up, back up, easy now)

Hey y'all


Let's turn it up and

Tear the club down


Grab your drinks and

Give me two rounds


I'll break you off

I'm goin' down, down

Watch yourself,

I'm about to turn it up

Repeat chorus twice




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