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Mo thugs - Playa in me



Let me lean on in yo mind, hit you one time, see here's Ken.

Rollin off this Hen, I got to do this shit again foe these niggaz,

who didn't Ken was bringin work but now I got ya eyes open now,

busta stay alert, prefer, to smoke that hitta, yeah, weed slit

I'll take two hits and pass, cuz it's that two head ah quitta.

Did I hear busta hate me, cuz I got he's violatin, while I got

playaz all around, in my face fakin my stinkin before ah fake

playa, no, and I ain't. I can't do that type ah sucka shit, cuz

I'm 'bout bank. Rollin wit ah clique, dat straight puttin it

down, playa get ya smoke on, to that Mo Thug sound, right

Chorus Nothin but tha playa in me, it's nothin but tha playa in


Ya heard me puttin it down, from tha C town, playa we heatin

niggaz, I roll wit ah clique ah playaz we're real street, figures

beat, hustlaz down if you ain't got my paper and if it's no more

'ttention to payin me, I might have to fade ya, that's real. So

go one and take it foe what it's worth, playa hatin fellaz on tha

outskirts. Mad, I'm nigga, then came up and did his thang, now

tha topic of conversation is Ken Dawg man, playa, if you lookin

and I'm gon' give you p'z, I wish all of tha playa hataz would

follow me, rollin high, passin by, my mind was fly, that stress is

far behind, and don't ask why. I'm Ken Dawg, my brothaz, don't

I'm tryin to deal, every time I hit ya, I'm spittin real shit,

real hit, so yall, go on and relax, and yall step back, and let

tha cadillacs ride


It's nothin but tha playa in me, at all times, I'm floatin through

tha city and I'm droppin 25. I know yall feel me, don't spill the

Henesy, cuz then you gon' have to see me. Nah I can't get like

that, about no drank, but I can get like that, about my bank, and

I be sayin shit, to make this niggaz flip their script, head tha

hit, and that must have been it, I'm in it, to win it, don't be P

O'n on me. Rollin through this madness, all lonely, niggaz actin

phoney, don't be like them regular competetors, stressin 'bout

them tricks, on tha regular, I'm Ken Dawg, I'm doin it to ya right

(right), every time I put it down it's all tight (it's all tight),

we all high (we all high), lit up lit up lit up, so go one and get

yo hands up, nigga what?


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