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M.O.P. - Guns N Roses




Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up kid!

Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up kid!

Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up kid!

Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up!

[Lil' Fame]

Whenever a nigga bleed, it lead to Guns N Roses

And a real nigga knows is

everybody that have held had shot one

It's like a asshole, cause everybody's got one

Niggaz is gettin kinda bold

Little shorties thirteen years old, tryin to leave a nigga cold

I'm packin my gat, and watchin my back, and ready for one

You niggaz wanna jump up, cause I ain't goin out like Willie (?)

[Billy Danze]

I propose a toast (YEAH) next nigga that play me close

I'ma have your faggot ass hangin off a lamp post

(SALUTE!) To my nigga that slid and did bids

(REST IN PEACE) To them niggaz that slipped and caught clips kid

It's yo' play on the blessings

Me I send your maggot ass back to the essence

Niggaz have told ya, Guns N Roses that's the path

So pack yo' gat and watch yo' ass


[Lil' Fame]

Guns N Roses, no one opposes the MASH OUT POSSE

You can't stop me

I'm packin blue steel steppin with my weapon waitin for the rumble

I'm trouble, step into the concrete jungle

Foes'll hear the words from the reverand

And caught hell fuckin with Fame, so now they ass gotta go to heaven

I fear no man, and I ain't Omar Epps

but I'm lettin motherfuckers know the program

Too many motherfuckers died on the street

That's why I tell motherfuckers to back up and play me feet

Just the other day I put my man in the ground, so now

I walk around with the motherfuckin trey-pound

Just for my enemies so I can blow they chest in

Cause Smith and Wesson'll have your whole family stressin

Another basket, casket closin

They put away the Guns, then here come the motherfuckin Roses

Tags are promptly placed on your toes

You're just another nigga dead, gotta go, gotta go

The game is called survival when you play it to the end

Before you go out in a blaze, may the best man win


[Billy Danze]

Another motherfuckin massacre, yeah, M.O.P.

Dese are the niggaz that I'm movin with G

To you snake-ass, two-faced ass niggaz

You gon' make me grip and squeeze my shit

Lifestyles of a ghetto child

Gun over Rose, choose your weapon or pick your pose

One or the other nigga, no doubt

You know the way the motherfuckin story turns out

Only your life or you're chancin

Me I got a record like my man Charles Manson

Bill puttin niggaz on chill, you know the deal

Quicker than a motherfuckin hit man will

(Another motherfuckin Cadillac)

Yeah, another motherfucker's family dressed in black

Whatever must be must be

Me I try to keep my shit a little low-key

See, cause you don't know how it feels

Everytime a nigga get killed they try to link that shit to Bill

Mostly because I never of (kid they tryin to herb ya)

I ain't doin time for no fuckin murder

Mad brothers done died on the street

I know it's crazy motherfuckers that barely sleep

The color red from a hot hollow piece of lead

Salute the world and then nod your head

[Chorus] - (repeat to fade)




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