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Motorhead - Motorhead



Sunrise, wrong side of another day,

Sky high and six thousand miles away,

Dont know how long Ive been awake,

Wound up in an amazing state,

Cant get enough,

And you know its righteous stuff,

Goes up like prices at Christmas,

Motorhead, you can call me Motorhead, alright

Brain dead, total amnesia,

Get some mental anasthesia,

Dont move, Ill shut the door and kill the lights,

And if I cant be wrong I could be right,

All good clean fun,

Have another stick of gum,

Man, you look better already,

Motorhead, remember me now Motorhead, alright

Fourth day, five day marathon,

Were moving like a parallelogram,

Dont move, Ill shut the door and kill the lights,

I guess Ill see you all on the ice,

I should be tired,

And all I am is wired,

Aint felt this good for an hour,

Motorhead, remember me now, Motorhead alright




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