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Nada Surf - Happy kid



I'm just a happy kid

Stuck with the heart of a sad punk

Drowning in my id

Always searching like it's on junk

No matter who i hang out with

I can hear the clack clunk

Of the chains that pull the cars up

The roller coaster mountain top so high

When it comes down it shoots back up

Straight back to the sky

I gotta laugh and then i'm asleep

And then i walk around and wanna cry

Out at night to do the strand

The little candles make the bottles glow

Got ink all over my right hand

Getting crushes with no chance to grow

It's like i'll never ever land

There's always too much sun

Or too much snow

I get slow days and no days

I get rusty and it's hard

But i get notions that oceans

Are coming to my call

You can learn to get along

I'm just a happy kid

Stuck with the heart of an old punk

Drowning in my id

Always hungry like it's on junk

I'm just a happy kid




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