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Nada Surf - Troublemaker



Why do i feel bad again?

I shouldn't be sad or miss a grin.

Doubt creeps in and doubt creeps out,

Skews the view from my cloud.

Troublemaker tempting fate,

Questioning the path i take,

Showing me the twists and turns,

The forks and points of no return.

I would hold my breath so long

To wash ashore where i belong.

Broken roses on the steps,

Like promises i never kept.

Promises i never made

But could have honored anyway.

Tied to years, slave to fears,

I will always hold you dear.

Tired, troubled but sincere,

Wishing... f*** the rime.

Wishing i had a time

To wish you mine.

Every day i choose to spend the rest of my life with her

And every day i break the molds of lives and worlds.

I already miss the things that i will never know.

I will never know the things that i've already missed.




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