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Napalm Death - Diatribes



Bite the bit, scream till you're blue in the face.

Nice pipe dreams or passive revolution?

Foot soldiers

with weapons of placards and banners.

How will they stop the rot?

No standing to reason.

'cause reason is treason-

it doesn't seem feasible.

Lie down.

And cry all you can.

The machine rolls over you.

It just don't seem feasible. no!

Black face to Nazi- try pleading affinity

Hands up, boot in, shattering the passive dream.

But it right to tolerate this fucked democratic process?

Shattering the passive dream

Is it 'cause we like to heat the sound of out own voice?

Big-hearted diatribes, just like my dilemma.

time to return compliments, shattering the passive dream?




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