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Nelly Furtado - Party



I'm talking to the mirror again but it's not listening

I'm cleaning my dirty mind like a toilet but it won't give in

I'm drinking spirits in the hopes that I will find myself one

But all I can rectify is that the party's just begun


Party's just begun

Party's just begun

Party's just begun

Party's just begun

I feel like falling asleep and never waking up

It's not that my glass is empty but I need another cup

When all of the doors around me just shut one by one

I feel like falling asleep but the party's just begun


Shaky shaky steps in the middle of the day

A fire in my path and a cool decay

Of limbs and tooth under my skin

Oh, freedom, where do I begin

I'm changing my inflection and how I say the words

Maybe it will sound like something they've never heard

Oh, death of the party

I picked up the chalice of malice

And drank till I was full, I drank till I was full

I was thirsty but I drank till I was full,

I drank till I, till I,till I was full

There's a fever in my bones that I know so well

I keep my head low low low to avoid the swell

But it'll be cold in hell, it'll be cold in hell

Before they put me in that chamber

So I'm cleaning up as fast as I can

I'm cleaning up as fast as I can

Cuz you can't unbreak what you break, you can't unfake the very fake

You cannot fuel without a tank,

no you can't unbreak what you break, what you break

Chorus x 2




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