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Newsboys - Elle g.



thumbs out on a desert road I am told

leads to nowhere

any shade is as good as the next

if your shadow doesn't go there

week seven: Did you really asume

I'd find some solace from the letter in your room?

next life, could you kindly refain

from throwing yourself at the mercy of a train?

silence all, nobody breathe

how in the world could you just leave?

you promised you would

silence that evil with good

hear me out, I have the flooe

I'll give you my tears, I'll listen more

you promised you would

overcome evil with good

maybe this world is a barren place for a soul

prone to get lost

but heaven still hounds from the smallest sounds

to the cries of the storm-tosed

week nine: I am writing in the sand

any little clue that could help me understand

every whispered secret, every muffled sigh

every half-truth that was added to a lie

silence all, nobody move

I've got to know now what you hoped to prove

you promised you would

silence that evil with good

shame feeds guilt, guilt needs release

you took it to God

you made your peace

and swore that you would

overcome evil with good

every old demon playing back the crime

if they needed blood, I'd have gladly given mine

a Child of the Kingdom; still an invalid

forgive her, please Father

she don't know what she did

silence all, now go to sleep

the water's free, the well is deep

how can we return

that which we never could earn?

God, I long to see her face

we haven't a hope

beyond Your grace

I know that You will

overcome evil

for good




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