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Nu Flavor - Whenever



Girl you can't imagine

The way I feel today

I feel like a miracle

Has finally come my way

And I've wanted oh so long

To find a girl like you

And now that you're in my life

You've made all my dreams come true


Whenever you want me

I will be right here for you, do anything you want me to

Whenever you need me

I will be right by your side, forever 'til the end of time

Whenever you want me

Anytime you're feeling blue, girl I'll be there to comport you

Whenever you need me

I will be right by your side, forever 'til the end of time

you are so beautiful

you take my breath away

Wheneveryou smile

It brightens up my day

And there's no place I'd raather be

Than right here by your side

Holdin' you in my arms

Feeling your heart beat next to mine


And every breath I take, is filled with love for you

And every move I make, I do it all for me and you

you are my loveer, and my best friend

And you know I'm down for you, by your side through thick and thin




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