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Pacewon - Wake the town



[40 second instrumental to open]

Yo, until Miss Cleo predicts who pull the most chicks

Let me tell you in advance that's me

Sippin on Henny, never have to spend a pretty penny

20/20 vision can't see

Yo, I keep game tight go out and mack hard

I'm just another pimp slash rapper at large

Whippin through them uptown streets like Black Rob

Puffin on wet mixed in with backyard

I got it locked no doubt, I thank God

Keep a jimmy hat right by my bank card

I'm the P-A-C-E-O-N-E

Wanna be a deceased geek, no friends speak?

Wanna be a police chief? Go get heat

See if they got a badge that they'll thrown in free

Now you can fight crime in the alleys of the badland

Wear a cape, be a hero like Batman

[Chorus: Jamaican patois sample 4X]

"Wake the town of jazzy people" - best guess

Raw to the core, seen y'all dime a dozen act on tour

I didn't applaud

You rap like a broad bein fucked in the back of a Ford

Maybe you should unfasten your bra

You gotta have breath control, and be flexible

If you wanna be the next to blow

You gotta spit flame, shit game, steal cars and flip 'caine

Make haste, stay safe until you hit fame

Make noise, break boys, then buy a big chain

To cover up the fact them rhymes you kick lame

Dumb in the flesh and, uninterestin

I'm Tonto, holdin up a gun in a Western

"We the sound of jazzy people" - like the silver bullet

You can't get a deal cause you might deliver bullshit

Might make a tape that's dull with no glamour

Besides these labels would rather sign Hammer

- 2X

Yo, until Miss Cleo predicts who pull the most chicks

Let me tell you in advance that's me

Sippin on Henny, never have to spend a pretty penny

20/20 vision can't see

Yo, come in with a clique, go out in a bang

Fed up with a chick, get down with a gang

Sick of talkin proper, bite my slang

Suck my left nut while my right ball hang

Don't like cars? Cop you a van

Don't like jobs? Start up a scam

Don't like bein by yourself? Roll with a clan

Be a soldier, fuck your mother holdin your hand

Yo, you want lettuce, got a fetish, go and get it

Instead of spendin money blowin credit

For all our sakes, get a 9 to 5 and stop rappin

Somethin, fuck it, make your kids start actin

- 4X




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