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Paul Wall - Oh no f. trae



Oh no, there go them Texas boys banging in a fo' do'

Top fell out the drop, crawling on 84's

Think of taking my slab, baby I don't think so

My heat under my seat, and I don't love you hoes

Living it like a G, but still I gotta lay low

Five percent or ten, but still my screens gon glow

These haters be in my mix, and these boppers be on my dick

Everytime I come round the corner

[Paul Wall]

I'm from the land of opportunity, in God we trust

But haters in my mix, got me paranoid and disgust

I'm scoping out my side mirrors, when my car's in park

It's after dark, and my slab is fresh meat to these sharks

Boys thinking I been drinking, so I'm off my note

But I got seventeen surprises, tucked inside of my coat

See me strut through the parking lot, on 22's plus

It's a must I make all haters, eat my dust

Them jump-out boys, waiting trying to catch me slipping

I ain't tripping, grain ain't the only thing that I'm gripping

Boys jacking with these tow trucks, thinking they slick

But take a trip to South Lee, and end up in a ditch

They got my purple people eater once, the next day

I bought a Range Rover cash, and a new set of fronts

I've been on feet for months, I'm taking haters to lunch

Paul Wall and Trae, hit em with that one-two punch




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