Besedila pesmi

Pennywise - The secret



Listen children I've got a secret one that they don't want me to tell I hope

you register this little message It's the only way you can stay outta hell

don't ask your parents they ain't gonna tell you cause they've already taken

the fall thank your lucky stars for the enlightenment cause now it ain't no

secret at all we're gonna die off in tiem we're only gonna die off in time

until we stop succumbing to mankind don't get me wrong I don't want to soil

your future it used to be so squeaky clean it ain't my fettish to extend this

pessimism or blow rain clouds over your scene I got the notion I got the feel-

ing that this thing dosen't have to end this better up your suspicion if not

there's only one result my friend hey mom and dad please don't hate me just

because in me you see your lost youth did I evolve into an adult organism?

Do I blow myself away? Tell me the truth good intentions yeah I got 'em plan

for the future or pray fir the end this had better raise up your suspicion

if not there's only one result my friend




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