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Pink - Mean



You use to hold the door for me

now you can't wait to leave

You use to send me flowers if

you fucked up in my dreams

I use to make you laugh

with all the silly shit I did

now you roll your eyes and

walk away and shake your head

When the spark has gone and the candles are out

and the song is done and there's no more sound

whispers turn to yelling and I'm thinking


How do we get so mean? How do we just move on?

How do you feel in the morning

when it comes and everythings undone?

Is it 'cause we wanna be free? Well that's not me.

Normally I'm so strong

I just can't wake up on the floor

like a thousand times before

knowing that forever won't be

I'm always sentimental when I think of how it was

when love was sweet and new and we just couldn't get enough

The shower, it reminds me you'd undress me with your eyes

and now you never touch me and you tell me that you're tired

You know it gets so sad when it all goes bad

and all you think about is all the fun you've had

and all those "sorry"'s ain't never gonna mean a thing


I know we said some things that we can never take back

We opened up the wine and we just let it breathe

but we should've drank it down while it was still sweet

It all goes bad eventually

Now do we stay together 'cause we're scared to be alone

We got so used to this abuse it kind of feels like home

but my baby I just really wanna know oh.

[Chorus x2]




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