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Playa - Your dress




It's been a long long time since i've seen ya girl

and you still lookin damn good

we go way way back, back in 86

you was the star of the hood

but aint a damn thang change

since youre on your feet cause baby im on mine too

don't forget those days your mama's house

and all that we used to do

call me ??


unzip your dress, im out my suit

first we'll get hot, then we'll get loose

unzip your dress, im out my suit

tell me your mind

girl its all good


baby girl lets shake this spot

til your (teens???) are back

cause you'll be ridin with me

we goin back to my crib

been up a long time

if you know what i mean

its them damn bedroom eyes you been givin me

aint a thang u can say

uh dont forget those days back in mama's house

and the way we would play

let me help ya


smokey rap:

check this out

I hit ya before i miss

my lovin' ridiculous

one peck on the neck

dont know what the heck

or maybe i'll lick the lips

or maybe i'll grip the hips

what a relief it is

the more the cushion the better the pushin


im noticin youre impressed

im drawin your interest

I losin my tie, i look in your eye, youre fixin to lose the dress

dont gimme no mess and no hassle cause im not the one to wrastle

its either you ready to deal or girl you gon have to skedaddle





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