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Premiere - If you want my love



chours- If you want my love,

you better not hesitate

because i want you

If you want my love,

don't procrastinate

because i want you.

When we first met you asked me for my number,

then you fronted me and stepped to someone else.

don't play me boy, don't play on my emotions

cuz i'm not gonna hang my heart on the shelf.


at skool sometimes your actin like you want me

and then i see you flirt with someone else

better reconize that other guys call me

i even got a call from your best friend


Hook- what must i do just to make you (step to me, step to me)

if you want me too i gota make you (step to me, step to me baby)

i can't play the fool i gotta make you (step to me, step to me)

when i build my world around you, i'll always be down if you want my love.

chours (2 x's)


chours 'til end




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