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Rage Against The Machine - Vietnow



(Ch) turn on tha radio, nah fuck it

Turn it off, fear is your only God

On tha radio, na fuck it, turn it off

Turn on tha radio, nah fuck it

Turn it off, fear is your only God

On tha radio, nah fuck it

Your savior's my guillotine, crosses

And kerosine

Merge on tha networks, slangin' nerve gas

Up jump tha boogie then bang,

Let 'em hang

While the paranoid try to stuff tha void

Let's capture this am mayhem

Undressed, and blessed by tha lord

Tha power pendulum swings by thaUmbilical cord

Shcok around tha clock, from noon

'Til noon

Men grabbin' they mics, and stuff 'em into tha


Terror tha product ya push

Well I'm a truth addict, Ioh shit I got a head


Tha sheep tremble an here come tha votes

Thrown from tha throat, new cages an scapegoats

Undressen and blessed by tha lord

Tha same devil that ran around managua wit a


Check tha new style that ollie found

I tune in wit a bullet ta shut down

Tha devil sound

Tha program of vietnow

Flex tha cerebellum fire

Somebody gotta shell 'em

Those evil angels lists, hittin' tha am

Playlist, paid ta say this

That one inhuman, illegal, single woman, tha one

Wit out a room

The transmissions wippin' our backs

Comin' down like bats from stacy coon

Terror, tha product you push

Well I am a truth addict, oh shit I got a head


Tha sheeps tremble an here come tha votes

Thrown from tha troat, new cage and scapegoats

One caution tha mics a detonator unwound ta

Shutdown tha devil sound

Check tha heads bow in vietnow

Is all tha world jails and churches ?




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