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Rashaan green - A house is not a home



A Chair Is Still A Chair

Even When There's No One Sittin' There

But A Chair Is Not A House

And A House Is Not A Home

When There's No One There To Hold You Tight,

And No One There To Kiss You Goodnight.

A Room Is Still A Room

Even When There's Nothing There But Gloom

But A Room Is Not A House,

And A House Is Not A Home

When The Two Of Us Are Far Apart

And One Of Us Has A Broken Heart

Now And Then I Call Your Name

And Suddenly Your Face Appears

But It's Just A Crazy Game

When It Ends In Ends In Tears

Darling,Have A Heart,

Don't Let One Mistake Keep Us Apart.

I'm Not Meant To Live Alone.Turn This House Into A Home

When I Climb The Stairs And Turn The Key,Oh Please Still Be

In Love With Me.




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