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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Jungle Man



Deep inside the soul hole

Of Mother Earth

Father Time came

With a supersonic supersonic burst

His soul monkey sperm tribes

Racing to be first

Her ruby fruit jungle

Givin' bush baby bush baby birth

The baby was a boy

But I think what stunned her

Is that this bare breasted baby

Was a baby boy boy boy boy wonder

Crackin' from his thumb bone

Came thelonious thunder

Fill the sky with hellfire

From way down down down under

I am a jungle man

I am a jungle man

I am a jungle man

I get all the bush I can

Erupting from the ground

In hollywood he glowed

His jungle turned to concrete

His funk bone bone bone bone to stone

Like a full blown volcano

I must let it be known

That through this boy's vein

Atomic lava blood flows and flows

His soul shocking sounds

They make the mountains moan

This boy's become a man

It's time to take take take

Take the throne

I am a jungle man

I am a jungle man

I am a jungle man

I get all the bush I can




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