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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sex rap



Time to swing a little melody

To make you all feel something sexually

And now we're gonna get it on in the groove

The groove that makes those smooth hips move

We are pumpin' that drivin' bad rythm

To make those pretty little pussy lips schism

Kissum kissum kissum

In the mind is one design

To make you feel fine

Suckin' on mine with a 69

I'm inclined to fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck your brains out

For the moment, come on now, make her shout

Pump that leman 'till it pouts

Open your legs to the sensual sound

With the beauty of the beat on your pretty wet mound

I can tell you're like a horny bloodhound

Feel the bass, hug the ground

Just drop your knees and come unbound

And now you make your mouth to get on down

Our lust for notes will boil your blood

When they slither and slide on under your hood

Makin' me shoot my power packed pud

Like a wild lady lovin' a viable stud

Because of what is know as a juicy wet pud

Gettin' it gettin' it gettin' it good

In my head, as a hellified hum

I take to rubbin' her on the bum

Adjust the lips some on the tongue

With my thumb i strum her plum

Start to make her orgasm

Tastes a little bit like, ooh, how rum

Well i like to make her cum

To the rythm of the drums

Make cum, make cum, cum




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