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Reel Big Fish - Somebody Hates Me



I just made an enemy of someone i don't know

and they are upset about somethin' that i

must have done. it really doesn't make much

sense well i've got no statement in my defense

i know, no matter what, no matter who, no

matter what i do, somebody hates me and i

hate somebody too.

did you misunderstand

something that i did or was there one of my

jokes that you didn't get or do you think

you've got

the way i think all figured out.

what did i say, to make you feel i'm not cool


i know, no matter what no matter who no

matter what i do, somebody hates me, and i

hate somebody too. i know its wrong, but i do

it to and i guess i should say, don't let it get

to you. i know, no matter what no matter who

no matter what i do somebody hates me and i

hate somebody too somebody like you.




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