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Rollins Band - Civilized



I'm sitting in my roo in your prison doin' time

bars on my windows 'cause you got so good at crime

standing on the corner with nothing in your head

shirt on your back and a gun in your pants

thinking you're the man but you're only a stand in

standing in line to be the next bad guy

I see what you do when you use what you got

but what do you do when you do what you want

you're so civilized, you get brutalized

you're so civilized, man: I watch you get hurt down

getting your mind off some guy's record

he makes his money off fools like you

singing about killing like it ain't no thing but

you do the time when you live it for real

paying his way from your death row cell

you're the last 1 to see, you got sold out

I hear you say you hate pigs so much then

why the hell do you act like 1

I wonder what you're like without the gun

I'd like to see when you're not hiding behind the gun

how you've lived your life without the gun

'cause I know how I lived mine

because you got one, yeah, 'cause that's what it is

you hide behind your gun

you take life, you're just another pig to me

you think you're different but you're just another pig

yeah, a pig, yeah

you gotta have a gun then you're just another pig to me

you think you're different but you're just another pig

you gotta have a gun, you'rea pig to me, just a pig to me

you gotta have a gun, you're just another pig to me

you got a gun, you're just anothe rpig

a gun in your hand makes a fool out of you, oh yeah

a gun in your hand makes a target out of me, oh no

freedom, you ain't no freedom, you want your freedom,

your freedom is killing you man, freedom

you can't handle your freedom, hey

and now you're dying for it




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