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Royce Da 5' 9' - Death is certain pt. 2 (it hurts)



[Royce Da 5'9']

Yeah, my nigga we greater than friends

All we know is the beginnin, nobody controls the way that it ends

I got, the weight of the world on my shoulders

and one phone call can change it - make it fall 'til I'm all caved in

My homie got shot and it's not lookin good for him

No, this is not happenin, knock on wood for him

Speedin to the hospital cryin, askin God, 'Why?'

I'm mashin, my car movin as fast as my mind

This is not happenin to me

My homie will not, and I repeat will NOT flatline on me

How can I explain this vividly to your moms

that this is behind entertainment? She won't get it

All she understands is the boy that she raised just might

die in a hospital bed fightin for his life

I'm prayin, standin over you

Lookin at you hooked up to a machine, holdin your hand, sayin

[Chorus: Ingrid Smalls + (Royce)]

Don't you go nowhere.. stay here with me

Cause if you leave meeee.. it hurrrrts so bad

(Death is certainly gon' catch you)

They can take me

(Whoever especially you will be left hurt)

I'll take yo' place

(This is the cold, harshness of life)

(Just when it unfolds you lucky to grow old - life!)

Cause it hurrrrts so bad

[Royce Da 5'9']

You tearin our team apart

Though time heals all of our wounds it's still leavin a mark

I took it too far; the feelin

that's hidden deep in my heart, comes out, when I look at the scar

And I can't kill, nobody to get you back

Nigga that's somethin that time can't heal

While I'm sayin my grace

I'll be lookin up at the sky, and tellin God that he's makin a mistake

You can't take away one brother and leave the rest of the clique

Lord please, double check yo' list

And if you get to his name and it's a check beside it

Death comes in three's, take me next

.. but don't make me sweat, please

I won't make it, I get restless speculatin

Sons should bury mothers

Every mother don't wanna bury her son, they sayin

[Interlude: Royce + Cha Cha]

Death is certainly gon' catch you

Whoever especially you will be left hurt

This is the cold, harshness of life

Just when it unfolds you lucky to grow old - life!

[Royce Da 5'9']

(And) Death is not no option

I'm pullin money outta my pocket tryin to con the doctor

Please, treat this thug the way you would treat yo' baby

The way that you would treat yo' blood, I'll pay!

As heavyweight as we are, I know how you medics are

Cause I be checkin ER everyday

I know we are a hairful - but doc

this ain't one of them that came through shot that shoulda been careful

Cause no dude could bleed; the way his heart pumps

more than any patient that rode through that you seen

The reason that he's my man

Cause I tell him if he can hear me to squeeze my hand and he squeezes

.. so I tell him some things

Don't let them machines help you breathe, don't leave from receivin

'Round quarter to eight - his moms is sleepin

His grip weakens, his squiggly lines go straight (go straight)

Call the doctor, 'Give him all you got!

Shock him!' He gon' tell you it's too late

Call the doctor, 'Give him all you got!

Shock him!' It's too late

[Cha Cha] And death!




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