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Royce Da 5' 9' - T.o.d.a.y.



[Ingrid Smalls]

Na na na.

Hoooooooooooh-oooooooooh-ooooooooh, no no no

[Royce Da 5'9']

Yeah.. uhh, uhh

I done been in this game for years, it made me an animal

I learned that nobody else can be held accountable

but you for your career, not your manager, face it

Even he can f*** up a relationship

I learned it don't matter who's spittin better

While these rappers kill each other, them Jews they stick together

like glue; and generate more money than FUBU

For somethin made 'for you by you'

Every hip-hop nigga listen and wishin he had your style

to go against you if you rip him and pass him by (yeah)

A mastermind is somebody who's actually kind

to everybody, and try to see every autograph is signed

The humblest way to look at your career

is every nigga in here is one hit away

Yeah, whatever goes around in rap

happens to not come back to me, and I ask you

[Chorus: Royce + (Ingrid Smalls)]

(If I was to die today

Wouuuuuld you pick me up because I'm down and out, na na na)

'T' - represents the 'time' when my hope, fades

'O' - is just a sign 'on' my mind on my broke, days


'D' - is for the 'dangerous' way that the flow, stray

'A' - represents the, 'answer' to the question I'm askin (no no no)

'Y' is it today I should (DIE!)

[Royce Da 5'9']

Damn, right after one quick summer

Am I Young MC or a one-hit wonder?

Is it a following that supports me

BET, MTV, or 'E! True Hollywood Story'?

Can I hold my own

and rap without havin to go back to Pharrell or Poke & Tone?

Can a married man still appeal to broads

knowin everything he's spittin from here on in gon' be raw?

Can a nigga simply spit that real sh**

just for niggaz that feel me, or will the system kill me? (uhh)

If I drop this album and it sells

and the next one don't top it, will it be considered a failure?

If I had to drop outta the limelight for a while

Would you still mob me? Hell naw!

You would not give a f*** about me

If I worked a regular job, I don't even gotta ask y'all

[Ingrid Smalls]

We just wanna see you survive

Anytime you wanna talk, maybe either one of y'all

Wanna give a holla this way (yeah)

Every lady involved, is rootin for the underdog

You don't let him die today, no!

Oh no - we ain't tryin to see

You go - I want you here beside me

I don't want it to change - don't DIE!

[Royce Da 5'9']

Now as far as my weaknesses

I have a hard time competin the chart and on SoundScan

The media base, I respect Dre for teachin me that

Money is easy to make, but hard to keep

As far as my nigga 'Los, I love him

He showed me you can do a dope album with no budget

Yeah, with lethal rhymes - they get that

he brought you into the game, he can take you out outta people's minds

Yeah (DIE!) Those who feel my career will die

Those who choose to leave me behind

Are confused cause they don't hear me cry; rather ya ears

is ready or not, I know you can hear me now like Mary J. Blige

I will take the sh**

I will burn yo' bridges and I ain't talkin 'bout our relationship

What goes around comes around with every person

Rather it's life or rap whatever, 'Death Is Certain'

[Ingrid Smalls]


No no no




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