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Saves The Day - Holly hox, forget me nots



Somewhere under water maybe you could find my heart

'Cause that's where I threw it after you had torn it out

Three days ago

The doctor told me, "Every skyline and every night spent alone

Are tearing you apart."

Maybe I should get some help

Maybe I should fly out to Montana

I've heard it's quite quiet way out past the electric lines

Out where no one will ever know my name

Oh, I've had it now

I'm walking down to your house

I'm banging on the door

Please, please, please, Mr. Hox

Won't you tell your daughter I'm all alone

And I'm not handling this well

You never know just what you have

Until you get it yanked out of your chest

Well that's it

I'm walking to the water

I'm standing on the bank

I'm staring at my reflection

Oh my god, I look pathetic tonight

Well, guess what

I'm diving in this river

And I'm fishing out my heart

And I'm never gonna let you get your hands on this again.




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