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Sentenced - I'll Throw The First Rock



I could hear them speaking of those

"Good Old Days" that never were

Those hollow containers for souls

who no longer live there...

It dwells in my heart, the eternal hate

To get your share just wait (and see)

There are no strangers in this world

only bastards I haven't met

...and my skeptic way of thinking

turns away the joys they shed

It dwells in my heart, the eternal rage

And now I'll blast it on your face!

I'll throw the First Rock

- Blacken your world and your sun

I'll throw the First Rock

I'll throw the first one

You'll crumble to the ground

As I throw the rock that brings you





Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca Sentenced, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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