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Sepultura - To the wall



To the wall-- claims the soldier

My last steps march to the death

Last wills! Hell! This is idiotism

Fuck off to me, fuck off to all of you

To the death-- I raise my head

My last moments--it's my existing


A cry for mercy trapped in my throat

But even in hell there's a place for


The burning sun over my head

The troop is comin'- compassion I


Sentence of death pounding on my


There's no hiding when you're


against the wall

To paradise, the priest is saying . . .

blessing my death

He's standing in front of me . . .

his merciful sight sickens me

He says that soon I'll have my

judgement . . .

I'll kneel down in front of the Lord

And he asks me to regret my sins. . .

but it's too late

Growling words from the bible. . .

raising my agony

Oh God!. . .

how I'd like to have my hands untied

The wall I'm facing now

Seeing my life going through my


Feeling death behind my back

An acrid taste of defeat tormenting


last years

And when I feel my body being. . .

Punched. . . Smashed

There's no pain . . . just silence

My last breath echoing . . . spreading

through the air

My body in pieces. . . a stream of

blood . . .

Bloody drops whipping the wall

The silent wall that has understood

my silence

The silence that was a prisoner of

my soul

Is my soul that now is the ruler of

the world

To the wall




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