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Shel Silverstein - A boy named sue



Popularized By: Johnny Cash

Well, my daddy left home when I was three,

and he didn't leave much for ma and me,

just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze.

Now I don't blame him 'cause he ran and hid,

but the meanest thing that he ever did was

before he left, he went and named me Sue.

Well he must've thought it was quite a joke,

and it got lots of laughs from a-lots of folks,

seems I had to fight my whole life through.

Some girl would giggle and I'd get red,

some guy would laugh and I'd bust his head,

I tell you, it ain't easy bein' a boy named Sue.

I grew up tough and I grew up mean,

my fists got hard and my wits got keen,

had to roam from town to town to hide my shame.

But I made me a vow to the moon and stars,

I'd search the honky-tonks and bars,

and find the man that give me that awful name.

It was Gatlinburg in late July,

and I'd just hit town and my throat was dry,

I thought I'd stop and have myself a brew.

There in a saloon on a street of mud,

and at a table dealing stud,

sat the dirty, mangy dog that named me Sue.

I knew that snake was my own sweet dad,

from a worn out picture that my mother had,

and I knew that scar on his cheek and his evil eye.

He was big and bent and grey and old,

and I looked at him and my blood ran cold,

and I said "Hi, my name is Sue. How do you do?

Now you're gonna die." Yeah, that's what I told him.

I hit him hard right between the eyes,

and he fell down, but to my surprise,

come up with a knife and cut off a piece of my ear.

Then I busted a chair right across his teeth,

and we went through the wall and out into the street,

kickin' and a-gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.

I tell you I've fought tougher men,

but I really can't remember when,

he kicked like a mule and he bit like a crocodile.

First I heard him laughing, then I heard him cussing,

he went for his gun but I pulled mine first,

and I saw staring and me, then I saw him smile.

And he said "Son, this world is rough,

and if a man's gonna make it he's gotta be tough,

and I knew I wouldn't be there to help you along.

So I give you that name and I said 'goodbye,'

I knew you'd have to get tough or die,

and it's that name that helped to make you strong.

Now son, you've just fought one helluva a fight,

and I know you hate me, and you've got the right,

to kill me now and I wouldn't blame you do.

But you ought to thank me before I die,

for the gravel in your guts and the spit in your eye,

'cause I'm the ********* that named you Sue."

Yeah, what could I do, what could I do?

I got all choked up and I threw down my gun,

I called him a pa and he called me a son,

and I come away with a different point of view.

And I think about him, now and then,

everytime I do, everytime I win,

And I think if I ever have a boy, I'm gonna name him-




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