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Sheryl Crow - Superstar



Let's all go downtown

I got friends doing nothing but hanging around...well

I feel like there's something I could be missing

You know you look alright

You got cheap shoes, a Malibu, and big public fights

Well, there's no one else I would rather be kissing

Baby when you start to bleed, you look so sweet

Everybody's watching you cause everybody wants to be

Little superstar, well baby that's what you are

Little superstar, oh honey that's what you are

I got a backstage line

I call you up, been watching you for quite some time

I beat around the streets like

Bandidi looking for Camilla

I'll be satin and speed

If you and I are still alive

We'll get off these streets

Well, there was a time I would have

Hung around just to be seen

Hey man, it's a shame when you start to fade

Diamond rings and sparkily things

Won't make your shine stay

My little superstar, oh baby that's what you are

My little superstar, oh honey you break my heart

My little superstar, oh honey you know you are

My little superstar, oh honey you break my heart




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