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Shyne - Bonnie & shyne



In front of Gucci in the winter,

I seen ya witcha girl Just walkin' uh - in ya chin chilla fur

I was laid up - in the coupe back shade up

Lookin' at cha face, just pure wit no make up

A little bit a mack lip gloss, hair in a bun well done

Lookin' for a ring, I seen none

So I hopped out the coupe In hot pursuit

To stop and introduce Like I'm Shyne, and you?, you my destiny

And ya diamond cluster, to much just to touch ya

Perfume down to ya structure

Think I'll wait til the 2nd night to fuck ya

I wanna marry you, nah I'm just playin'

But we can start wit a few nights out in Malibu surfin'

Playin' up on Persian Here's my number

Put in ya purse and call me


[Barrington Levy]

On the telephone, she heard my voice

Tell me to pick her up in my Rolls Royce

If my Rolls Royce is not wit ladies

Then girl I'm gonna take you in my Mercedes

If my Mercedes will not fill up wit the disease

Then girl I'm gonna take you in my Firebird

If Firebird cannot take the curb

Girl put jah rust and da dime in jah bus

I'm gettin' closer

My player days is over

Well maybe not completely, but stay alarmed

Come here huss ya head on my bed

And let me get between ya legs

Lay on ya back, uh - take it from the back

Like a bad girl suppose to,

I know you like that

Scream wake the neighbors when they sleep

Grab the sheets witcha teeth

Wiggle ya butt cheeks

Quarter styles over ya body, lick you up

Treat you like a convenient store, stick you up

Take you to the balcony, pick you up

So you can look at the city, while I'm diggin' ya kitty

Then we drivin' to the sunset Pull over, get up on the hood ma

I ain't done yet


(Barrington Levy)

We've been together for a few months now

Did it all four seasons til the trunk

Beverly Hills bungalows In ya underclose

In Paris, Eiffel Tower Bubble baths and showers I

n a silindo sheen, sincere is what you seen

See me flip a couple things, go to magazines

And I - I think you might be the right one whoa(the right one)

Wait press the brakes, gotta investigate

What I do know - to you it don't matter

Whether my pockets is slim or fatter

Whether it's BBQs or Mr.Childs platter

Even if I slip off the success ladder

Even if the paragraphs didn't hit the charts and smash

If my car was a train I'd a service it back

I think you'll be right there(know you'll be right there)

Cuz we right there, yo cardier chaunce

Just you in my arms

No Sean don, just a bottle of avion


[Barrington Levy]

So I draw from my tonic and I take one sip

Should've seen me cuz I gallop like a horse'll get whipped

Come quick yeahhhhhhhhh, come quick whoaaaaaaaaaa

Cuz she'll wild out and not tell on her

Although someone changed, wanna when I'll be back

I'ma love love love love love love you forever

Ohi Always be there - for me

Always be there Be there for me Ohhhhhhhhh,ayah

Ayah, ayah, ayah, ayah Ohhhhhhhhh For me, for me




Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca Shyne, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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