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Sick Of It All - Falling apart



My enemies lurk in the corner of my eye

Falling apart

Staring back from the dark shadows in my mind

Faling apart

My trust is like a crumbling statue

Falling apart

I try to hide but find no refuge

Faling apart

They seem so threatening

they all seem so threatening

they're all coming after me

The enemy's after me - that's a problem

from what i see the land of the free is ready

to arm me to the teeth - that's a problem

we're free to cheat, free to steal

free to wreck each other at will

they shock my chill, shock my senses

never let down my defenses

kundalini's in a mess

and i'm shattering from stress

they victimize, traumatize

and i'm as vulnerable as a child

all the sounds i hear at night

is my alarm going off

are my windows shut and locked

as i fumble trough my keys

you see me falling apart at the seams

Falling apart

The enemy's after me




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