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Sick Of It All - Violent generation



Hard times, is what we're in

and it ain't getting any easier my friends

friends, search for the easy way out

and they don't care how it comes about

youth, they just wanna get paid

they don't wanna end up working like slaves

slavin', for nickels and dimes

so they turn to the quick money of crime

Morals are gone, no respect for human life

but what was it that you'd expect

take a look around at this world we live in

tell me you wouldn't grow up cold and callous

prejudice, is one of their tools

and we fell for it like a pack of fools

fools, is what we are

we follow their plans to the letter so far

each other, at the other's throat

they sit back, to them it's all a joke

joke, but now the joke is on them

they can't deal with this generation so violent

We stand accused of the crimes

the crimes that take place

they point the finger

but they're the ones that set the pace

they beat you down, to try to keep you in your place

they were the ones, they were the ones

they were the ones that taught me to hate




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