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Slim Thug - Dre




Yeah, hell yeah, wanna fuck with the Boss huh

Show you bitch made ass niggaz

Slim Thugger, Boss Hogg Outlawz

[Slim Thug]

Mr. Buster, where the fuck you at

Can't box or lick, so you better get your gat

You niggaz some broads, for fucking your road dogs

The click you threw up with, label you blew you with

That's why we don't respect your ass

Now it's time for the Boss, to check your ass fool

Use to be homie, use to be my ace

Now I wanna slap the taste, out your mouth

Make you bow down, Lil' Yo

Hating on me, now I'm hating on you lil' hoe

Oh don't think I forgot, let J-Dog slide

Let Capo ride, just another homicide

Calling me, begging for cash

Dopefiend ass nigga, I get dead in your ass

You should of stayed down, and got paid for verses

But now he ol' broke, bank snatching purses

Stealing cell phone, plumbing for money

You ain't no real G, you's a crash dummy

Talking that killa shit, bitch do what you do

You fucked with me, now it's a must that I fuck with you




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