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Snoop Dogg - Leave me alone



Yo.. uh-huh

I'ma try somethin different on this right here

but I know y'all gon' feel it

cause I know y'all feel me

It's some real shit right here, y'knahmsayin?

I ain't never did it like this before

Check this out..

[Snoop - singing]

I'm the kind of G that everybody knows

But I'm so low-key, when it comes to hoes

I never break the rules and that's just how it goes

All my friends and foes - know that's just how it goes

I can flip the script but I chose not to this time

There's so much to say with so little time, but I like it

(Yes I like it)

I'm gon' dip dive socialize and get high

I wish my people had, other ways

I'm thankful, that a brother's paid (that a brother's paid)

But how can I be happy? My hair is still nappy

I miss my grandpappy

I wanna do right but the world is wrong

That's why I'm singin this song

I'm tryin to stack a dollar pop my collar while I'm singin my song

Y'all niggaz better leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)

I think y'all betta leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)

I'm tryin to stack a dollar pop my collar while I'm singin my song

You bitches better leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)

I think y'all betta leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)

[Snoop - singing]

There's so much goin on out there in the world today

All these - ladies, players, gangsters, and suckers

I get caught up sometimes, some of the people I hang with

they turn out to be snitches, bitches, yeah they switches

But you know like I know I can't stop doin, what I got to do

I'ma keep doin what I got to (I'ma keep doin) y'know!

Everywhere I go, the game is the same

People lookin at me want me to say somethin

want me to do somethin, but I don't know nuttin

If I ain't gettin paid, I can't drop no rhymes

I can't do nothin for you no mo', I ain't got that kinda time

and they know..

w/ minor variations

[Snoop - singing]

I try to be to myself, and try to stay.. away from the world

But the world just keeps runnin after me (runnin after me)

I try to shield myself away from all the wickedness

but somehow, the wickedness is in my circle - what am I to do?

I try to ask God to help me get through this

what am I to do to this? Just do this, let's do this

So I, continue to mash, day by day (day by day)

I continue to play, play by play

And I con-tinue to spit my manuscript (spit it)

and say what I want to say (say it)

And I do it to ya ev-ery-day

w/ minor variations

[Snoop Dogg]

Leave me alone, I think you better leave me alone

Leave me alone, leave me alone - better leave me alone

If it don't pay you wrong, leave me alone

I think you better leave me alone, leave me alone

Leave me alonnnne, leave me alonnnne

If it don't pay you wrong..




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