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Soundtrack - Let's get a taco




What happens if the manager won't give up the diamonds?


When you're dealing with a store like this, they're insured up the

ass. They're not supposed to give you any resistance whatsoever. If you get a

customer or an employee who thinks he's Charles Bronson, take the butt of your

gun and smash their nose in. Drops 'em right to the floor. Everyone jumps, he

falls down, screaming, blood squirts out of his nose. Freaks everybody out.

Nobody says fuckin' shit after that. You might get some bitch talk shit to ya.

But give her a look, like you're gonna smash her in the face next. Watch her

shut the fuck up. Now if it's a manager, that's a different story. The

managers know better than to fuck around. So if one's givin' you static, he

probably thinks he's a real cowboy. So what you gotta do is break that son-of-

a-bitch in two. If you wanna know something he won't tell you, cut off one of

his fingers. The little one. Then tell 'im his thumb's next. After that he'll

tell ya if he wears ladies underwear. - - I'm hungry, let's get a taco.

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