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Steve Vai - Junkie



I need some junk

To shoot in my veins

Would you give me some

To relieve the pain?

These city streets

Are drivin' me insane

I tried laundry detergent

But it's not the same.

I need some food

To stuff in my face

But the garbage man

he took the trash away.

These city streets

Are makin' me crazy

I tried to eat rocks

But they have no taste.

My face is a wreck

My brain's decayed

I need a fix 'n' I'll

Be O. K.

These city streets

Are makin' me crazy

I'm chewin' on glass but I

Don't even bleed

I don't even bleed

I don't even bleed

I don't even bleed.

I'll pray tonight

To the king of kings

Won't you pull me out

I'd rehabilitate those

City streets, you know I can't keep straight

Will I murder somebody? Well, ya'

Can't fool fate

Ya' can't fool fate

Ya' can't fool fate

No you can't fool fate.

I need some help, I

Need some help, I'm

Fallin' apart

Will I die in my sleep

Or will I live in the streets

In agony?




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