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Sublime - Greatest Hits




Wake up in the in the mornin' and it's hard to live.

Hard to live, yes it's hard to live

And it will be a long time before that shit starts to give.

And every single day it's getting harder to live.

But I would be up for being down with a ho.

Lord knows that i got mic control, do you got mic control?

Ya no dis this stylee when ours is original.

This man, makin' money how I know, won't be no man of me.

In my bed I watch TV.

I'm drunk by noon, but that's OK.

I'll be President some day.

Light my cigarette, and I think,

Bert Senzanka made me drink.

Load the box and I'll pump that shit.

Got my (It's the Ziggens) greatest hits

Got my (It's the Ziggens) greatest hits

Is this band making money? I don't know.

It's the writing on the wall.

All my friends drink alcohol.

I'm too drunk to light the bong.

I'm too stoned to write this song.

Light my cigarette, and I think,

Bert Senzanka made me drink.

Load the box and I'll pump that shit.




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