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Sudden Death - Abby normal



Well Tally ho! Yippy ki-yi-ya! Narf! Zort!

Let's burn the ship and throw the kids overboard

I'm bored (I'm bored) I need something to do

How 'bout we go free all the animals in the zoo

[huh huh that would be cool]

Or we could just sit here and drool

I'm a fool, I dropped out of school at age three

Then I chased my little brother up a tree

Ya see I'm a twisted guy, fly six miles high

Live in a pig sty, refuse to comply

With the safe, plain, cautious way to do things

I found my puppet master and I cut all his strings

And then I wrapped them tight around his throat

Blew a hole in the castle, threw his ass in the moat

Now I'm free free to reak havoc

Run around foamin' at the mouth like I'm rabid

Bitin' everybody I'm near in the rear

Do you see where I'm comin' from? Somewhere over here

I'm out to have fun, this is how it's done

[dum-ditty-ditty-dum, big, big fun]

Normal is boring, same is mundane

You can't really have fun until you lose your brain

So rip it out through your nose or cut open your head

And you'll be kinda like me [brain dead]

Keep people confused make everybody guess

Forget V.E.G I'm down wit' P.M.S

I go to bed, go insane, then I go into debt

I do the Thorazine Shuffleâ„¢ every chance that I get

That's just a start, just a part of the madness

Can't get a girl I make love to my mattress

That's just it, Dementia Divine

I wanna go to Minnesota to see the biggest ball of twine

[His brain is cooked] my brain is fried

My I.Q. will raise 30 points when I die

Enough about me I wanna go have fun

Let's stare for hours into the sun

Then we can pick fleas off of each other

Walk through the drive-thru, mumble and stutter

Bet our life savings on a horse on a hunch

Then go out to the graveyard and dig up some lunch

I roll around in my own feces for a while

If someone walks by I just sit there and smile

I put on underwear where it doesn't belong

And have a marathon of all the "Whoomp! There It Is!" songs

That'll keep me busy for a couple of days

I'll take a month off from work and make fish filets

I'll give my dog a shower in Niagara Falls

And put him in the microwave to dry him off

Oops, that didn't quite rhyme, but who cares

Here we go, lions and tigers and bears

Oh my, wonder why? I'm a putz you see

I got None of the Above goin' nuts with me

[deaf , dumb and brain dead- brain dead]

Sit BooBoo, sit, roll over and play dead

Let's all go p lay in traffic a while

Spin around and around till we cough up bile

My body odor floats from coast to coast

'Cause I only take a shower once a month at the most

My underwear's full o' holes, crusty, fermented

Sudden Death, Devo Spice, Brain Dead, Demented




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